Saturday, March 20, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge-Friday

We just picked up Aunt Yinsey from the airport and headed to Applebees for some lunch before heading over to the Great Wolf Lodge. Brenden was not confined to a high chair and they gave us a giant corner we boxed him in and let him have fun. He colored for awhile, ate a ton of french fries, he is a Garrett after all, and eventually conned his Auntie to take him over to see the horse...keeping in mind he has a hard time saying the S sound in horse...very special. Auntie Yinsey also gave him an adorable plush whale and pucker fish...she explained to him that it was a Pucker fish... he also has a hard time pronouncing P's all the time and sometimes it has an F sound to do the math and figure out how our 2 hours in the car went...Aunt Yinsey, we love having you here!

Claire learning to sit up all by herself...such a strong little girl for 5 months!

As usual, captivated by her big brother...they just laugh and laugh at each other, only because the other one is laughing. These are the days I need to remember when sibling rivalry sets in in a couple years...or months...

We've arrived at the water park...little Hugh Hephner is ready to go in his fancy robe...

Claire slept for the first 2 hours down there...

Playing with her Grandpa...Papa...he managed to drag him over to the area where a little bucket of water conveniently dumps on your head if you stand in just the right spot...crafty little 2 year old.

Getting water squirted on him by Papa...pretty funny to watch

no nap eventually won out and he crashed on his G-mama when she offered a warm cuddly towel. He took a 30 min power nap and went at it all over again!

Claire's 5 min of fun in the water...she wasn't too thrilled, but looked awfully cute. Lets face it, a 5 month old in the water is mostly just for the photo opps...

Most of our crew...we were still missing Todd and Aunt Heather who arrived in time for dinner later that evening.

Grandma with her favorite little boy in the world...she would never spoil him...never :)

that little power nap re-charged his batteries long enough to torture his aunt Yinsey who was stretching out on the floor...he took his chance and attacked!

when all else fails, curl up with Papa in a chair and read books...

Audrey holding Claire...they are very sweet together and I see many more of these pictures in the coming years.

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