Sunday, August 12, 2012

A day of fun with our cousins at the zoo

We spent ALL day at Woodland Park Zoo with our 2nd cousins the Rodgers and Lozano's.  Six adults with five little ones, 9 months to 4 1/2 years.  We had a blast and so did the kids.  I definitely enjoy watching the sweet friendships forming between these little ones.  

attempting to get inside the Jaguar enclosure...

Claire (2) Grifen (3) and Brenden (4)

My baby girl is sprouting up and losing her baby chub...soon she will be all legs just like her big brother.

Sweet Zara (1) coming to play with Claire

my best shot of 4 out of 5 wee ones...
Grifen (3), Brenden (4), Zara (1), & Claire (2) 

showing off their big muscles 

little Kieron...what a mellow and happy baby boy

the Maflingos

little buds 

my best attempt at all 3 boys...can you sense the cooperation? 

Brenden latched onto Cyndy in no time!

The double stroller has definitely paid for we carried 3 with no problem.  Now if only Claire would put her dress down and Brenden would not pick his nose.  Grifen did a great job!

counting the Komodo Dragon eggs 

saying Good-bye to baby Kieron...she kissed his toe 

Totally un-prompted, Brenden leaned in to kiss little Kieron good-bye on the forehead

on our 4th attempt we finally saw the Sloth Bear...

I really thought this would end us in the ER, especially when he looked up to see the HUGE brown bear in the enclosure right by the glass starting to fish in the pond... 

7 hours at the zoo and he finally started to lose steam... 

sleeping with her new baby jaguar "ciara" on the way home...I removed the half eaten bagel from her hand

spaced out after 7 fun hours at the zoo...he finally asked to go home...