Monday, June 14, 2010

Claire crawls 3

through all the ear issues and sinus junk, she still managed to figure out crawling...

Claire crawls 2

my child crawls for remotes, cell phones and cameras...can we say technology junkie?

Claire crawls 1

Claire finally did it, she is crawling. Sorry for terrible lighting, but the moment had to be caught right then!

Claire update...again

Ok, poor Claire is just not getting any better. She was ok most of the day, but last night around 8 pm it all started to go downhill. She had a low grade fever and was refusing to drink anything. We managed to get her to bed by 9 only to have her wake up and scream, and I mean scream from midnight until 1:45 am. Nothing we did managed to help the situation so our only options were to let her cry it out or find a baby sitter in the middle of the night and take her to the ER. We opted to let her cry it out and she finally slept from 1:45 until 6:15. I was able to get her to take a 6 oz bottle at that point and she slept for another hour.

We got in to see the doctor a few hours ago only to learn that her left ear is healing, but her right is a huge mess and full of puss. We start a stronger antibiotic this evening and we have 48 hours for her to start making positive progress before we go back in for either a 3rd antibiotic or end up in the hospital. She hardly drinks anything because it hurts to suck, so we are practically standing on our heads to get enough food/fluid in her to keep her from getting dehydrated and losing too much weight. So far the weight she lost a few weeks ago she has gained back and is staying stable there at 16 lbs putting her in the 10th percentile for the first time.

This new antibiotic worked with Brenden when we had similar struggles with him as an infant, so I hope this does the trick. She has now been sick almost consistently since about the 5th of May.

Through all of this, our little girl is starting to crawl. She has now moved forward a few knee steps at a time before she drops her head to rest so she can try again.

Mom and dad's patience and sanity is starting to wear very very thin...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Claire update

After screaming most of the night at Great Wolf Lodge we decided to return to the Dr. Good thing we did as she has another raging double ear infection with a sinus infection. Round 2 of antibiotics for the next two weeks start tonight. Yay for daycare...

Tired Brenden? After day 2 of swimming at Great Wolf lodge!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy birthday June!

Brenden wishes his friend June a happy birthday...she just turned 2 today...and he's convinced her baby brother Liam is June's baby, not her momma's!