Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fun with the Olsen's

A fun late night play date with Maritza and Noospy (John Olsen Jr.) and daddy John...its truly amazing how well our 4 kids play together...

Another Mariners Game

We took the kids to their 2nd Mariners game of the season...yes they lost...again. However we got to watch the game from yet another suite, compliments of one of our Starlight board members whose husband is one of the announcers. We had 4 Starlight families there and enough food to feed an army. Claire became OBSESSED with watermelon...aka: water mewoan. Brenden had his night made by meeting the Moose twice and being given a baseball card of the Moose. Both kids were fast asleep in the car long before we made it home.

Fun times with the Skippers

Last Friday we had a great time over at the Skippers house...Claire fell in love with Kaidin's tricycle and was actually pretty close to being able to pedal on it. The boys played a lot of soccer in the yard and literally ran around for about 3 solid hours...all slept well that night!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Claire and the slide

Step 1: Run from mom and monkey up the play structure as fast as possible

Step 2: Mock mom from top of structure and see just how far she's willing to climb

Step 3: race over to the top of the tallest slide and see just how fast mom runs

Step 4: Hurl self down slide as fast as possible with no thought to how you are landing

Step 5: Face plant complete with full body bounce as feet hit first causing a forward body slam...all ending with a huge smile on her face wanting to go again. We left the park 5 min later as mom quickly saw where this was going...and the ER is not where i want to go on a day I'm home alone with the kids!