Sunday, December 27, 2009

Post Christmas fun

Of course the picture taking has not stopped despite Christmas being a few days is Brenden playing with his train table wearing his absolutely adorable (I realize I'm biased) conductor hat, and Claire in her little yoga sweats that her auntie Heather gave her.

Claire-pre holiday fun

Our smiley little girl...and a teary kiddo as reflux reared it's ugly head...she's a week into the medication now and happy as can be. She is still sleeping for a solid 8 hours at night, and now has moved up her bedtime of midnight to 9:30 or 10...and only waking up to eat for a few min then going right back down until 9:30ish. She is a wonderful little sleeper which is not going unappreciated!

Christmas Eve with Claire

Christmas Day at home and over at Grammy & Papa's

Christmas Eve & Brenden's 2nd birthday!

We celebrated Christmas with all the Garrett's at our house on the 24th, as well as Brenden's 2nd birthday. Much of the fun centered around his new train table built by his Grandpa and custom fit with tracks and trains. He loves it and still wakes up everyday asking to play choo-choo. This table will last him for years to come, but his train that sings Jingle Bells over and over again, may not! It was great having everyone together for the day and we all fell into bed exhausted! So sleepy that none of us woke up in time to open gifts on Christmas morning before we headed over to Todd's parents house.

Brenden & James at the Village Bean!

We introduced James and Katie to what is rapidly becoming our favorite coffee shop, the Village Bean! The kids had a great time and Katie and I got to relax and catch up with each other.