Thursday, October 30, 2008

Brenden, Jayden and the dog bone...

Brenden decided that he wanted Jayden's dog bone...Jayden was not so sure about this and was guarding it carefully...thus ending up barking right in his face sending her outdoors...where he than tries to help her break down the doggie door so she can come back in to play...such a fun evening for mommy!

Welcome Baby James

My best friend Katie had her adorable little boy on Oct 18th! Here are a couple pictures of baby James at 6 days old. Brenden was never this small! He's absolutely adorable and we can't wait to watch him grow up.

Brenden and Sophia

Last weekend was my ten year reunion...we ran into a lot of old friends...and were able to meet Sophia for the first time. Shannon, Sophia's mom and I grew up together but hadn't seen each other since high school! Sophia is adorable and Brenden I'm sure would have loved more time with her...and I'm sure he would have conquered his goal of removing her party piggies...pigtails... Neither of them managed to sit still long enough for really good this was my best attempt!

Brenden is so a little boy now...not a baby anymore...playing with his tonka truck!

Brenden's first overnighter at Aunt HJ and Uncle Dan's

The only one who thinks a scale is fun...

Oh...that was not what I was expecting...Aunt Heather...I think we need to talk...

I wonder what this will taste like...

What is that smell?

Uncle Dan, why are Rudolph and Dasher hanging on your wall...who will help Santa???

Brenden's first trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Back on Oct 19th we took a trip with 3 of our Starlight families to a pumpkin patch out in the middle of nowhere...Enumclaw! It was a gorgeous day out and Brenden had a blast between watching the animals in the petting zoo, the hay ride and playing with his mini pumpkin. I did learn that strollers absolutely suck in the dirt/mud combo however and 23 pounds is a lot in a baby bjorn!