Sunday, August 24, 2008

4 generations

Brenden went on his first trip to Spokane this past weekend and was quite a good little traveler. He was able to meet his Great Uncle Boomie, Great Aunt Pam and his Great Grandparents Bob and Leona. Now that he's crawling we had a heck of a time keeping him away from his Great Grandfathers oxygen tubing...didn't seem to phase anyone else, just mom and dad...

Fun with food

Brenden is a bit of a messy eater...he went straight to the bathtub after this...and I think the tub needed more cleaning after he was done than anything else...

a boy and his doggie

Now that he can crawl, he's all about busting out his doggie from her kennel!

Do you think anyone is watching?'s the plan

I'm going to pretend to fall asleep...see like this...

Than you are going to push the door open when they come to pick me up

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hip update

We took Brenden in last Friday for what we had hoped was his final x-ray for his hip dysplasia. Unfortunately we didn't leave with a complete clean bill of health. He has officially been diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia in his left hip. The problem is not severe so they plan to wait until he is one and take another x-ray to see if the problem has corrected itself. Basically what is wrong is that the ball joint of his hip that holds the bone into the socket hasn't developed as well on the left side as it has on the right. It's entirely possible that it's just delayed in developing and will catch up with no problem. We are a bit nervous with the wait and see approach for fear they will want to put him in some sort of brace when he's trying to learn to walk. So we are going in for a second opinion sometime this month...and are hoping for the best.