Saturday, October 31, 2009

Brenden and his dragon

We took both kids to Todd's office halloween party...our little dragon terrorized the place while charming every woman within 3 square miles of the place. The water fountains provided a great deal of entertainment while distracting him from the fun of the elevators!

Brenden and the bathroom

Brenden reading to his charges that he has lined up across the entire length of the bathtub...this went on for well over 10 minutes and would have continued had I not let the water "accidentally" drain out of the tub since someone was turning into a prune!

This is what happens when you have daddy help out with the potty training...this was not exactly what I had in mind when I asked Todd if he would perhaps demonstrate to Brenden what one does while going to the bathroom. Next round of pictures Brenden will be sitting there playing on a laptop I'm sure.

fun at the park

Cooping up a toddler inside a house for 2+ weeks is not advised...this was a much needed trip to the park on one of the few non rainy days. Brenden ran the entire time exhausting his poor dad (who still thinks he's 12...not 42... and can do cherry drops off the bars). When it came time to leave, Brenden was less then pleased and had a lovely tantrum all the way home...thankfully we drove and the park is literally around the corner from the house so it was a short lived tantrum. We decided extending playtime into the bathtub would be the best plan...bath pictures to follow in next blog.

Brenden and his "outside" voice while inside...

The games you play while at Starbucks inside Barnes & Noble trying to keep your son quiet while Daddy takes a 10 minute break to look at some magazines. About 2 minutes after these pictures Brenden decided to let out his loudest "outside" voice pleasing all the patrons around him (there were a few non stuffy individuals who did laugh). Todd and I were both about to inform the group that they were not sitting in a library, Barnes & Noble is a public place, as is Starbucks and toddlers are allowed! That being said, we were mortified at the yell and took him out anyways and went on our merry way home to the park to let him get out some steam!