Monday, June 25, 2012

Claire's Potty Training Chart

Day 1-Monday June 25th: 1 soaked diaper in the am, 5 hours DRY...including her 2 hour nap...followed by 4 successful trips to the potty and only 1 accident!  Who knew that blue food coloring would be what pushed her into compliance...

Day 2-Tuesday June 26th: Woke up in a barely wet diaper, peed on the potty immediately.  Went on the potty with the babysitter once in the am than stayed dry until I got home.  From 4 pm-8 pm she went potty 6 more times and had absolutely no accidents all day long.  We are on our way to NO diapers in this house!

Claire peed on the potty!

All it took was me showing her how you can turn yellow pee green with blue food coloring...she sat down and peed on the spot!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Snake on a walk

Seriously NOT a cool discovery on our neighborhood walk today...pretty sure I pulled more than a few muscles to avoid stepping on this thing...the kids on the other hand were enamored from the safe confines of the stroller...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cookie Making with the munchkins

We decided it was a night to make cookies on Tuesday since Daddy was at work super late.  We absolutely destroyed the kitchen and loved every second of it.  Both kids rolled out their own dough using Great Grandma Bufkin's rolling pin and decorated each cookie exactly how they wanted.  We did have one container of hot pink sprinkles emptied on the counter...I won't name names, but it might have been by someone who loves the color pink...


After being away in DC for 6 days, my special treat to the kids was a trip to about insanity.  Thankfully we went on a Friday early afternoon and the store was essentially empty.  Brenden chose a German Shepard (Newman)  doggie with a puppy (Al), and Claire chose a Turtle (Kitty).  Brenden's dog has a heartbeat on the inside, Claire chose the song "Under the Sea"...awesome... 

Because every turtle needs to be wearing the dress from Sleeping Beauty.

Fun in the sun...and gym

A little fun in the gym and sun...we are more than ready for summer weather in this house.