Friday, December 19, 2008

Trapped in the house...SNOW fun

We're all a little stir crazy 2 stuck at home with the snow! Brenden actually managed to walk in his snow bunny suit in the house for about 2 feet, but only took one step outside, which landed him almost on his face. The tears were caused when the snow went through his gloves and got his hands wet. His experience outside lasted all of 3 minutes...despite the fact it took us significantly longer to get him dressed appropriately. Perhaps next time we will attempt the snow AFTER his am nap!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brenden's first holiday Valley Medical Center...he came to work with me!

The month of December is filled with 45 hospital holiday events and a lot of other festivities to keep me hopping at work! I don't actually attend all of the holiday parties that we plan or take part in, but Valley Medical is one I try not to miss. We brought enough gifts for 400 kids and came home with very few. This party is for all of their pediatric rehab patients ranging in age from a few months to about 14 years old...and all of their siblings.

Brenden explaining to Santa how he's not been too naughty...

Brenden explaining to Santa how he feels that climbing on the dog bed, banging the the light against the wall making part of it break and trying to climb out the dog door (repeatedly) is not really being naughty...

This purple monster is Starlight's Mascot...Starry...Brenden loved him and walked over to him every time he entered the room...and cried when he left...everytime...over the course of 3 hours! Good thing he likes Starry since he's going to be seeing a lot of him over the years!

Brenden...I'm walking now!

These pictures were taken on Thursday, the night he really started walking more than just 3 or 4 steps...this was quite purposeful...and he's only gotten better since! He's also quite taken with the Christmas Tree...doesn't want to touch it...THANK GOODNESS, but love pointing and asking "what's that?" It was hard to capture the walking with the camera since he was always walking towards me...but a few of the pictures show him at least standing!

Ladies... Check out my firm thighs...