Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our trip to the Woodland Park Zoo

On Monday my mom and I took Brenden to the zoo, it wasn't his first trip, but the first one in which he really had fun. He didn't want much to do with being in his stroller since he realized it was much more fun to run and run and run! Thankfully since it was a Monday it was not all that crowded! He lasted for about 3 hours before we could see naptime approaching!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back to Alki beach...this time no sunburn!

After Brenden woke up from his nap we decided we'd make a quick trip down to Alki beach again to watch our friend play volleyball. This time we managed to get some sun but not absolutely bake ourselves. Great pizza, ice cream cones...and sun! After walking a few miles however, I was absolutely done...so was Brenden as we both took power naps when we got home!

Watching all the girls in bikini's play volleyball...such a guy already!

About 3 minutes after this picture all of his little snacks were up the shorts of his pants...and yes, he did this on purpose...apparently the crunchy pieces didn't bother him one bit!

Wrestling with Daddy...

Attempting to sit politely in Dad's lap...he really wanted to play in the sand about 3 feet away but would have been trampled by the volleyball players!

Borrowing Daddy's shades since of course he looks cooler that way...

baby Michael...

Cuddling with little 4 month old Michael on Friday evening was definitely relaxing. I miss the days when Brenden would just snuggle up on my chest and sleep for hours. Michael slept pretty content for a couple of hours before his mommy wanted him back!

Brenden modeling his sun hat on Sat am before heading outside to play on the deck/in the pool until naptime!

Brenden's playdate with Kaidin

After baby proofing the deck last Friday, Brenden and Kaidin got to play outside for a few hours which was pretty cute to watch. Indoor/outdoor carpeting made a world of difference on our deck! Despite Brenden being 9 months older than Kaidin, they played pretty well together. It's definitely nice having friends with little ones that live close enough to come over and hang out.

If you click on this picture you can get a great view of Brenden's great hair-do...thanks to a lot of sun screen!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brenden and his sweet little girlfriend

We went over to play with Maritza last night (she's only about 2 weeks younger than Brenden)...she is so darn cute! They played together very nicely sharing toys and taking turns dropping things on Todd's feet. It was definitely near impossible to get both of them looking at the camera in the midst of their playing...

Brenden and his car

Brenden loves his new Bee Car...that now lives outside on the deck after it careened into most of our walls and appliances with extreme force this afternoon! He was so antsy to play in it I didn't even get a chance to put it together before he was trying it out. He did however get a tad frustrated with the wheel turning issues that will be fixed after a trip to home depot this weekend. Pretty funny to see the frustrated look on his face when he tried to go straight and it made him go in a circle...

Brenden 18 month stats

Brenden had his 18 month check up yesterday which went very well. No ear infections...and surprisingly he didn't need any shots...he has one final shot on his second birthday and a flu shot in Sept...than he's all done until kindergarten! Thanks to the flu the past weekend he lost a couple of pounds so his weight calculation isn't quite accurate.

Weight-24.6 pounds putting him around the 25th percentile...when in reality he weighs about 26-27 pounds which would have him right up around the 50-60th percentile.

Height-32 3/4 inches putting him in the 50th-75 percentile for height.

Head circumference-93 percentile...some things never change!

His pediatrician was very impressed with his verbal skills and the sentences he is already forming without any prompting. It helped he was put in a very stimulating room with a giant rug on the floor covered with fish, butterflies and other animals...all of which he's obsessed with at the moment. She judged him to have the verbal skills of a child over the age of 2 which was great...since sometimes I feel like we hear more gibberish than real words!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Brenden 18 month pictures

Today we took Brenden to get his 18 month pictures taken and shockingly enough, they have already been emailed to me! He was pretty mellow during his pictures after having the stomach flu for the past few days. Not a lot of big smiles for the camera this time, but still some pretty cute pictures...and we didn't have to spend most of our time chasing him back onto the little red dot! Grandma was able to join us for the first time for pictures so that was pretty fun and Brenden loved it!