Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back to Alki beach...this time no sunburn!

After Brenden woke up from his nap we decided we'd make a quick trip down to Alki beach again to watch our friend play volleyball. This time we managed to get some sun but not absolutely bake ourselves. Great pizza, ice cream cones...and sun! After walking a few miles however, I was absolutely was Brenden as we both took power naps when we got home!

Watching all the girls in bikini's play volleyball...such a guy already!

About 3 minutes after this picture all of his little snacks were up the shorts of his pants...and yes, he did this on purpose...apparently the crunchy pieces didn't bother him one bit!

Wrestling with Daddy...

Attempting to sit politely in Dad's lap...he really wanted to play in the sand about 3 feet away but would have been trampled by the volleyball players!

Borrowing Daddy's shades since of course he looks cooler that way...

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