Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brenden 18 month stats

Brenden had his 18 month check up yesterday which went very well. No ear infections...and surprisingly he didn't need any shots...he has one final shot on his second birthday and a flu shot in Sept...than he's all done until kindergarten! Thanks to the flu the past weekend he lost a couple of pounds so his weight calculation isn't quite accurate.

Weight-24.6 pounds putting him around the 25th percentile...when in reality he weighs about 26-27 pounds which would have him right up around the 50-60th percentile.

Height-32 3/4 inches putting him in the 50th-75 percentile for height.

Head circumference-93 percentile...some things never change!

His pediatrician was very impressed with his verbal skills and the sentences he is already forming without any prompting. It helped he was put in a very stimulating room with a giant rug on the floor covered with fish, butterflies and other animals...all of which he's obsessed with at the moment. She judged him to have the verbal skills of a child over the age of 2 which was great...since sometimes I feel like we hear more gibberish than real words!

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