Saturday, March 20, 2010

Embassy Suites Sleepover

Last weekend we took 14 Starlight families to the Embassy Suites hotel for a fun sleepover event and pool party. We also had a art contest in which the kids all submitted a drawing or two for a design for pediatric hospital gowns. It was a lot of fun and Brenden loved coloring like a big boy with my volunteers in there who of course thought he was the cutest little boy around.

Bikini time...

He hasn't had much pool time so we weren't sure what to expect. He did really well, and his new fabric floaties were awesome! The water was pretty cold for him, but he did pretty well. Daddy made sure it was a super fun experience for him since we were prepping him for the fun weekend at Great Wolf Lodge to come the next weekend.

Claire got splashed in the face one too many times and informed me she was DONE with the pool, but she was happy to cuddle in a towel and let me sit with my legs in the hot tub while daddy and Brenden finished playing in the big pool.

the hot tub was much warmer, Brenden only went as far as his toes, but loved throwing his duck into the water for mama to go rescue.

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