Saturday, March 20, 2010

Great Uncle Dave and Aunt Carol

We went for a much overdue visit to Todd's Aunt Carol and Uncle Dave. They only live 20 minutes away, but we haven't seen them since summer time. Todd's cousin Pat and his wife Melissa came with their adorable little boy Grifen. Brenden and Grifen are 2nd cousins and the holiday babies of the family. Brenden was born on Christmas Eve 2007 and Grifen came along on Thanksgiving 11 months later. It's so sweet watching them start to play together and we can't wait to watch this friendship grow over the years. Claire spent most of her time being cuddled by her Great Aunt Carol and Melissa.

Grifen, checking out the competition...this was his territory and Brenden was loving playing with all the new toys! Grifen was a very good sport about sharing and showing us all his secret hiding places in the wall mailbox and under the big rug.

the only picture I managed to get with the faces of both boys, classic that neither of them are looking at me!

Playing catch with Great Aunt Carol!

Snuggling with his Great Uncle sweet...

Cousin Melissa spoiling Claire...


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