Saturday, April 17, 2010

Olympic Game Park

I decided that this past week I didn't really need to "work from home" in my own house, so I took the kids and went out to my parents for 3 days. We had a wonderful time and despite the fact that I was working, we did manage to squeeze in a trip to the Olympic Game Park on the one super sunny and beautiful day. It's only about a 20 minute drive from their house and full of lots of fun animals to see. Many of them are simply wandering around the park and will come quite close the vehicles as we drove around. A few got a bit too close for my comfort and I know there was quite a bit of Yak snot left on a few of the windows. We were allowed to feed some of the animals bread as we drove around. Brenden was definitely fascinated with everything and sat staring in awe at many of them.

a tad to close to comfort for me...

this little one followed us for quite awhile...

the white rhino...very cool

looks cuddly...but I didn't need to get any closer

the Kodiak bears

the only Black Bear we saw

one of the many Peacocks...

A Bengal Tiger

The Big Daddy Lion

A wolf

The Mama Lion

one of the many Buffalo

The baby Reindeer

A cute little Zebra...apparently they bite

Expecting more bread...but he just ate our last piece

walking with his Papa

Claire slept through most of the driving around the park...but woke up when we got out of the car

This poor cat was tormented by Brenden, so she ran under the house

walking with G-mama

Papa showed him how to dust off his butt by sitting in the grass...the wood had a lot of dirt on it

our little movie star

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