Monday, January 10, 2011

Claire-15 months old

I can't our baby girl is now 15 months old...I had a hard enough time comprehending the age of 1. Despite being a little grumpy during her pictures we managed to get a few good shots in here thanks mostly to her older brother being a complete goofball. If she had gotten her way, her pacifier and froggie blanket would have been in every frame...but alas mommy won and the froggie only snuck into one shot (in another post with her brother.)

Our sweet little princess is starting to talk more and more and thinks she's ready to run, climb the walls and do forward rolls. Her most common words are "mama" "up" "more" "bed" "dog" "poopoo" and "mine." She also uses signs for a few words (more, please and milk), and walks over to give kisses on a whim. Todd claims she said "breakfast" on Saturday but he couldn't get her to do it again. She is quite the little dancer and just tonight stepped up onto a stool and started dancing away to (insert shudder here) rap music. She apparently loves the rhythm and loud beat. This kid has music and dancing in her blood as she has started to wave her hand up and down to the rhythm when she likes a song...and she's accurate. I'm expecting her first drum solo any day. In addition she has developed quite the set of vocal cords...and likes to yell when in the company of her brother just for fun. Mommy didn't think it was so fun when she was trying to help edit and select the pictures from the photo shoot. She is still quite mommy obsessed and has a very hard time if I'm in another room and she knows about it. Thankfully her last few months she has been consistently sleeping 12 hours at night and taking 2 naps a mommy a nice break. She has also been healthy which has been a tremendous stress reliever. We can now safely assume that her little body has recovered from mono which she got around the age of 10 months. The theory is that mono was the reason she kept getting sick and wasn't getting better as her immune system was being barraged every time she turned around. Now no longer in daycare, she's a healthy kiddo and we are all much happier and less stressed!

While it's hard to watch her grow up, it's fun at the same time and I appreciate her gaining independence. She is still a baby in so many ways and I plan to cherish every single moment of her sweet baby cuddles and wet sloppy kisses since here in a few years she won't want anything to do with that. It's also very sweet to watch how infatuated she is with her big brother...and he's turning into quite the protector, at least out in public, when she's not messing with his precious animals or dinosaurs.

This dress was one worn by both of my sisters and I when we were little. I'm so grateful that my mom held onto these for Claire to have the chance to wear...and mainly just for me to take pictures of!

This picture alone was worth the slight headache the 90 minute appt caused!

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