Monday, January 10, 2011

Brenden-3 years old

It's hard to believe our little Christmas Eve miracle is now a "big" 3 year old. He's apparently not a "big" kid just yet as he's now in the 10-20th percentile for weight...but he is in the 50th percentile for height. He makes up for his small stature in pure attitude and vocabulary. According to his pediatrician he speaks better than most 6 year olds and has a larger vocabulary than most. Just ask Aunt Lindsay, he schooled her in animal knowledge, and she was really trying to stump him.

He was quite the little helper today getting pictures done and really helped eek out a few smiles from his little sister who was being a tad grumpy (not that she EVER makes a scowling face). Mommy still isn't ready to talk about what went down after the pictures were done and she was trying to help edit and select make a long story short it was a 7:30 bedtime without any "shows." We would also like to apologize for the 70's looking hair in a few of these shots...thanks to the weather his curls were we opted for a hat in most of them!

Despite some serious 3 year old attitude, we are so in love with this little guy and are enjoying every moment of watching him grow into such a nice little boy and super adoring big brother.

Grandma and Grandpa Garrett, we hope you are able to view these pictures while you are away on your trip. We all miss you and hope you are having a fantastic time.

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