Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More snow...and sledding!

Yet another beautiful snowy day spent working from home and playing outside with friends.

Today before nap we went over to our neighbors house that have a 4 year old girl Gabby and 2 year old boy Cole and went sledding down the hill in their backyard. Brenden, our timid playground kiddo decided he would try sledding by himself and absolutely loved it. Claire went with mom and dad and while she seemed to enjoy it, she wasn't begging to keep doing it. After we were all thoroughly soaked we went inside for some indoor playtime and snacks before trudging back up the hill to our house for lunch and nap time.

Todd and I are trading off watching the kids and sequestering ourselves in the office to do what work we need to take care of which seems to be working out ok. Brenden might not agree with that statement, but he doesn't get a vote yet!

Not sure how much more of this snow we are going to get, but rest assured we are making the most of it and enjoying playing in it everyday until it's all melted off. Now if only we had remembered to stock up on diapers we would have zero reason to leave the house. If the snow starts back up, looks like Claire is going straight to underwear and maybe this potty training thing will finally happen.

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