Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stocker Farms

After we left the kangaroo farm, we headed to Stocker farms in Snohomish to pick out our pumpkins. This was the 2nd time for Brenden at a pumpkin patch (last time he was 9 months), but Claire's 1st time. Despite being well beyond naptime, we had a great time and enjoyed most of the activities. The barrel train was a ton of fun for Brenden but his mother was less than impressed and am sure will wake up with many bruises in the am. Brenden begged to go on a pony ride, so we agreed and Claire asked too. Claire however changed her mind after the 2nd loop around and cried "I don't wanna" so we had to take her off. Brenden continued for about 10 more loops talking to his pony the ENTIRE time out loud...I'm not making this up. We were laughing hysterically watching him as most of the other parents were too.

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