Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brenden's 2 and Claire is 3 months!

Here are the pictures from today's photo shoot...Brenden's 2 year and Claire's 3 month milestones! They are totally unorganized and in duplicate as I had them convert all 25 images over to black and white as well as happy looking through my mess! The pictures are pretty darn cute so I chose to post them now instead of taking the time I needed to to properly sort them!


Kelly T said...

See the real problem with having cute kids like Brenden and Claire is you get SO many cute photos and not enough wall space to keep framing them:)

And, I had to laugh at picturing you at the photos WITH help...haha, oh, do I KNOW what you mean! Gotta love those crazy, wonderful little munchkins.

Erin Behen said...

I know Kelly, I'm now having to take down some of Brenden to make it even with both kids...and figure out where to put the new pics of Brenden too...dilemmas...I think I'll have to start updating our digital frame more since that takes up less space!