Friday, November 13, 2009

Claire-week 5-Nov pics

Week 5 was full of fun for little Claire. Colleen came over last Friday with Kaidin to give me a much needed break. She took on all 3 kids all alone (keep in mind, Brenden is the oldest at not even 2) while I took a 2 hour nap...words cannot describe how grateful I was for this...then my trip alone to the grocery store and Starbucks later that afternoon.

Below you can see Kaidin giving his famous "head snuggles" to little Claire...looks like true love to me.

Our friend Amanda came the next day and spent 5 days with us which was wonderful. Brenden had a variety of names for her with my favorite being "bam bam."

Mom and Dad also came over on Wed to watch the kids while I took Amanda to the airport...clearly you can see that Claire was in good hands while I was away. She is still so tiny, but looks even tinier when Grandpa holds her!

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